When the boat comes in… Amble, Northumberland.

There is something about Amble, one of Northumberland’s oldest fishing towns in the region. Amble’s Marina has seen some restoration and investment over the years where much of it benefits the local region and helps to restore Amble as a cosy fishing town but to also Capitalise on visitors. Many of its traditions still remain, many of the old stone buildings on the Front Street are still going strong and this gives Amble it’s character and charm. Amble has also been chosen by the Council as one of the town’s in the region to be invested in, with new build houses being built.

As Amble is a fishing town, it’s also renowned for its Fish & Chip shops and also Fresh Fish can also be sourced in the early hours of the morning when the boats come in. Although many fishing industries have slowed down in many years, Amble still feels like it has the opportunities for those wishing for a career out at sea. Buying fish, it’s well advised to go in the morning to purchase as they’re normally sold out come the afternoon, as i found out, evidence in picture below…

L to R: Northumberland Seafood Centre x 2, Empty Lobster Pots.

I will more than likely cover the Fish & Chip shops in another blog, but i promise you, they are worth visiting and spending every penny. Amble’s front street is still quaint as businesses still inhabit the old stone buildings and there is still a uniqueness about that feature. You can bring your dogs here to walk, as there is a good stretch, playing fields too, to throw your dog a ball or even take your Children out for the day too. There is also a small beach at Amble which also comes with complimentary huts which can be rented out at £20 per day, which is a bargain for anyone who would like to pitch up for the day and take it all in their stride.

L to R: Beach Huts, Coquest Island and Walkway over the Sea.

Amble’s location is on the East Coast of Northumberland, south of Alnwick and north of Druridge Bay and Cresswell. If you look North on a clear day you can often see Warkworth Castle standing tall in full view. Due to Amble’s restoration of the Marina, there is some huts near the Marina, opposite the Northumberland Seafood Centre, which sell anything from local Cheeses, Ice-Cream to Paintings. Go to Amble to experience something different, the freshness of the Coast is likely to hit you first of all, and even better if it’s high-tide to witness the waves crashing against the pier, rocks and anything else in its path.

L to R: Amble Pier

Coquet Island is steeped in History and is currently the ownership of the Duke of Northumberland and is also a conservation site for Puffins as well as many other Islands off our coast such as the Farne Islands off Seahouses. There is also Puffin Cruises which run from Amble over to Coquet Island which last roughly an hour which is well recommended from Mid-March to Mid-July.


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