Simonside Hills – A walk amongst the Heather in the deceptive heat. Northumberland, England.

Simonside Hills was our go to choice for the day and it did not disappoint, as Monday was going to be the best and most reliable day for weather we thought we best take advantage of that. We drove up to Morpeth then decided to take the route into Mitford and beyond, passing hamlets on our way up. As you approach fontburn lake, keep going for a further couple miles and you’ll see a brown sign directing you to Simonside and the car park is easy enough to find and it’s free!!

From the car park there is a sign which points you in two directions, either you go to spy law via the Simonside Hills or you can either go to Rothbury. We chose to ascend to Simonside using the steps adjacent to the car park. As you climb and reach the top of the steps, there’s another sign, one which is “St. Oswald’s Way” and one which is “Public Footpath”. We did take “St.Oswald’s Way” but on reflection should’ve chosen the other as it meant we could’ve walked over the Hills rather than round them but it was still a decent stretch regardless.


Here you can see the footpath which takes you directly over the hills.


The Heather this time of year is always in full swing, and it really helps to transform the hills over the period of Winter to Summer.


Taking the ‘St.Oswald’s’ route was actually pretty good and it gave us a whole new perspective.

A few more pictures of what was taken along the way, more of the same really, but beautiful all the same.


Ravenous honey bee’s collecting the pollen from the Heather.


Simonside from the other side.


A few sheep part-timing in the grass. It’s a hard life.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Autumn appears to be already prevailing in the last pic in this slideshow. Either that, or it may likely be diseased. I loved the contrast of orange and green.

The old famous grouse captured taking flight. They were tricky characters to capture because they would wait until last minute then fly off and by that point my reaction speed had already failed me.

The texture in the grass contrast with the Heather is beautiful.

To complete the collection, i end with this collage of pictures, which again illustrate the beauty encompassing Simonside Hills.

It’s well worth a visit, the views are breath-taking and it gets you out the house for a bit.



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