A walk, fish & chips and the oiled up Cormorant, Seaton Sluice, Northumberland, England.

This jaunt of ours was specifically to go somewhere near the coast and go for a walk, so when we both agreed to venture round Seaton Sluice to blow off some steam it felt like the perfect location to do just that!

Seaton Sluice is literally a couple miles South of Blyth and only a few miles North of Whitley Bay. Seaton Sluice have their own beaches which are lovely and there’s also a nice walk which flows inland with the river.

We parked in the Melton Constable car park and followed the steps down to the river. From the river we continued to walk further inland away from the coast, as the plan was to go full circle. As we began to walk further, we came across an old boat which had capsized and there appeared to be a Cormorant which looked like it had oil on it, so we rang the RSPCA and reported it.


Either the Cormorant was ok and it was just chilling or it really was covered in oil, but it seemed as though it was struggling to flap its wings and motivate itself to take off. However, RSPCA were informed and after we had done our full circle, we decided to walk back and check on it, and by this point it had disappeared. However, one of the other pictures does suggest that there might be diesel or oil trickling out from somewhere and going into the River.


I particularly enjoy this photo where the light is hitting certain spots on the field and the Cow’s continue to roam free until the sun goes down.

As you keep walking, you end up practically on the road, we turned left in the direction towards the coast, where the views of St.Mary’s Island were clearly visible from Seaton Sluice. St.Mary’s Island has a beautiful lighthouse and has been renovated so many times over, and is one of Whitley Bay’s major landmarks.


St Mary’s Lighthouse.


This horse in particular appeared to enjoy the photo shoot and stuck around for a few minutes before trotting off.

As we nearly completed our full circle round Sluice, we passed a few more landmarks on our way before it was time for FISH AND CHIPS. We hadn’t had any for such a long time, and as a small treat and reward for completing such a “long” walk we both agreed it was much deserved.


The Harbour View is where we chose to have our Fish & Chips, and we didn’t regret it one bit, the portion’s were generous, staff were lovely and it tasted absolutely fantastic. I’d recommend this place to anyone who might be driving through and need something to eat.


There’s nothing more comforting than being sat outside with a box of Fish & Chips and watching the World go by.



  1. Lovely photo’s, you had a nice day for a walk there. Hope the cormorant was OK they are lovely. Have to say though you’ve got your North and South the wrong way round in your description. 🙂


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