A coastal stroll on a cold but beautiful day at Beadnell & Seahouses, Northumberland, England.

It was another weekend, a day off work and it was such a beautiful day Saturday just past. Therefore it was a no-brainer for us, we needed to head out for some much needed fresh air and the pit of our stomach’s were emptying by the second therefore the plan was to head straight to Seahouses on the A1 and make it there ASAP. The mission was on. When we arrived we realised how cold it was but loved every second of being there as the tide was also in and the view from Seahouses looking North to Bamburgh frames the castle beautifully.

Bamburgh Castle lies in the distance as the tide soars in on a crisp, clear day.

The Fish & Chips were delicious and understandably gone within minutes as the temperatures outside were cooling them down at such an incredible pace. It was great being outside and watching the elements of the sea whilst taking in such a spectacular view. After the Fish & Chips had mysteriously vanishes we headed down to the pier and walked along it and i peered over to see where the waves were and was nearly soaked by one which had crashed and came over but i still have the reactions of a ninja so it was expertly avoided.

The Cormorant diving into the water was one of my favourite pics of the day. The last is me taking a pic of someone taking a pic. After we had strolled along the pier and back we decided to head South into Beadnell for a stroll too as we’d heard how tranquil it’s beach is.

The only object in the sky with a trail of fumes left behind in its place and not a cloud in sight.

However, as i looked behind to the South there were some clouds beginning to form a thin sheet. Dustanburgh Castle lies in the distance to the South of Beadnell. It’s amazing to witness ancient structures which have been protected along our coast and they stand the test of time still and add history and also culture to our beautiful landscape.

Beadnell Lime Kilns in the distance with an absolute beauty of a house which had the most spectacular architecture. As the tide was going back out the waters had also calmed somewhat which allowed us the space to walk along the beach.

Dog walkers, surfers and the usual strollers were all out but not in force, there were people about but few and far between which made being on Beadnell beach ever more peaceful. I also love the fact that our County continues to take a forward approach in providing communities with green energy in the form of wind turbines and I would much rather welcome these structures to our landscape than open cast mines which destroy the beautiful habitats both humans and animals share.

The sand was so soft which might have been helped from the tide and as the sun was setting the slightest mound on the beach was casting its own shadow. The beauty of Northumberland is outstanding and what makes it so outstanding is the wildlife that comes with it, I’m thankful this place is protected and it allows our wildlife to flourish.



  1. I love this area, have not yet got to Seahouses but been to the Farne Islands twice on the Billy Shields boats, and have ‘done’ Bamburgh when one of those trips got cancelled due to bad weather! Lovely pictures, especially the diving cormorant. I so love photographers all dressed up in camouflage gear with their camouflage lens covers. Can hardly see him against all that woodland 😀 😀 😀 (sorry, ex army girl 😀 )

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