Brisk walk along the Tyne after lunch in the Barrasford Arms, Northumberland, England.

It was about that time again, on a Sunday morning when you both begin to wonder where your food will be consumed; at home, in town or at a nice cosy pub in the middle of nowhere! So, like the adventurous pairing we are, we headed straight for the small town of Barrasford which lies NNNW of Hexham over the River Tyne. I’ve actually never been to this part of Northumberland or the Barrasford Arms and both the location and pub blew me away. The food was so delicious, in fact it was that good we will need to go back to ensure the consistency is still there!!

If Sunday Dinners are your thing then the Barrasford Arms is fantastic, we both opted for the beef and it was cooked to perfection as were the accompanied vegetables on the plate. The pub itself is cosy with a few function rooms for guests, and it would appear they’re having some work done as there was scaffolding outside. After we had lunched, walking past I could see the pub had a beautiful beer garden too, therefore this place will definitely serve as the perfect place to visit during the summer months. We had a 3 course meal, a drink each and all that came to £55 which is extremely good for the quality of the dishes which were perfectly executed.




Barrasford as a place is tranquil, beautiful and holds an awful lot of ‘old Northumbria’ features with it which I love. Down from the pub we parked outside this stile and wandered onto this path which led us onto the River Tyne (North). The sun was gleaming and everything it touched was glistening, the colours of Autumn were out in full force and I thought this would be the time and place to take a few photo’s too.


I love this time of year when the sun is out because the lighting is very different therefore colours begin to stand out more. It wouldn’t be Northumberland without the obligatory sheep picture too, but this one in particular really enjoyed posing for us!

Leaves on tree’s specifically in Autumn are fascinating to watch as they slowly change colour over the Autumn months and into Winter. The River Tyne also looked typically cold and fresh and not so inviting, however there were a few exceptions who decided it was for them!


Brave men and women canoeing in the River Tyne at this time of year.


Well i hope you all enjoyed the photo’s i took of Barrasford, it’s a beautiful village set in the Western Northumberland and it has a great pub which serves fantastic food and i can’t wait to go back in the future. If you like to taste great food at reasonable prices, go for beautiful walks then this is the place for you.


Thank-You Barrasford, the pleasure was all ours.



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