The honesty box and a walk along Longhoughton beach, Northumberland, England.

Our 2018 started with a lovely stroll along what is considered an isolated beach on the Northumberland coast. Longhoughton beach provided fantastic views of Dustanburgh Castle to the North, many fields to the West, and far our East, well, there was plenty of sea which appeared mostly calm.

Before we got into Longhoughton beach there is a farmhouse which has an honesty box which asks for 50p and for as many hours as you want, we would consider that a bargain in comparison to parking these days in City centres. Once you get past the exchange at the gate, we were free to wander down the windy road which led us to the parking spots. For an isolated beach, there were still people who had also found it too, to our surprise, therefore we were sharing this space with many like minded people.

The Wildlife in this area is second to none and it goes to show without any industry the Wildlife is left to flourish. Many photographers and bird watchers were out in force during the day and we couldn’t blame them, it was such a beautiful day for spotting birds and taking in the wonderful scenery too. There were also some very brave ladies embracing the North Sea which we couldn’t believe, at this time of year the North Sea is barely reaching double figures in temperature so fair play to them for having a swim!


Dustanburgh Castle which lies North of Longhoughton Beach.


Dog walkers enjoying their stroll in the late afternoon sun.


Obligatory pic of fields playing host to many, many sheep grazing away on the grass.


Dustanburgh Castle, bird watchers, and the wonderful contrast of colours.


Heading South on the dunes.


To the best of our identification skills, we believe that this may be a Winter Black Headed Gull.


A set of Bird Watchers in the distance. Polite but mysterious creatures.


Well camouflaged Oyster Catchers foraging amongst the surf.


An Oyster Catcher & Redshank are beach combing through kelp.


Oyster Catchers collectively combing their surroundings.


Lapwings paddling in the shallow pool.


Dramatic skies, dark clouds beginning to form and engulf this part of Northumberland.

Please visit this beach, the walks are wonderful and at 50p, we would say the price is too good to be true. Honesty is the best policy so dig deep inside your wallets at this time of year for a spare coin and pop it in the box. For those who enjoy the Wildlife then this is the perfect place to spot an array of birds.



  1. Thanks for sharing, I must try this sometime. We did your walk from the bridge at Barrasford a few weeks back – not sure it was exactly the same or not – we took the path furthest from the village which follows the river down to Chollerton. The bonus was the return route via the road which took in a long section of the old Borders railway.


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