The honesty box and a walk along Longhoughton beach, Northumberland, England.

Our 2018 started with a lovely stroll along what is considered an isolated beach on the Northumberland coast. Longhoughton beach provided fantastic views of Dustanburgh Castle to the North, many fields to the West, and far our East, well, there was plenty of sea which appeared mostly calm. Before we got into Longhoughton beach there […]

A coastal stroll on a cold but beautiful day at Beadnell & Seahouses, Northumberland, England.

It was another weekend, a day off work and it was such a beautiful day Saturday just past. Therefore it was a no-brainer for us, we needed to head out for some much needed fresh air and the pit of our stomach’s were emptying by the second therefore the plan was to head straight to […]

Bolam Lake in the eerie mist, Northumberland, England.

Today felt a bit eerie and maybe the Hurricane which we’re expecting helped to create such an effect on the weather today. The skies were almost dimmed uncontrollably and this mist appeared over the baron fields of Northumberland, creating a lost and unforgiven landscape in its wake. It was almost as if we were living […]