Bolam Lake in the eerie mist, Northumberland, England.

Today felt a bit eerie and maybe the Hurricane which we’re expecting helped to create such an effect on the weather today. The skies were almost dimmed uncontrollably and this mist appeared over the baron fields of Northumberland, creating a lost and unforgiven landscape in its wake. It was almost as if we were living in a completely new atmosphere where new gases were lurking. But lo and behold i had no difficulty breathing and so oxygen still prevailed in this atmosphere.

So i was sat inside thinking, i wonder how good Bolam Lake would look surrounded by this eerie mist, so i jumped up, got changed and headed straight for the Bolam Lake.


This picture epitomised the eerie mist which refused to lift over the lake.


Visibility had been turned down a notch or two.


Here we have an empty boardwalk accompanied only with leaves which have fallen from the tree.


Two swans gliding elegantly round Bolam Lake.


Incoming trio of Swans about to land on Bolam Lake.


Autumn coloured leaves floating helplessly.


Many leaves which are yet to fall to their fate.


A close up shot of Autumn leaves and a blurred out Swan.


Bird’s nests becoming increasingly exposed from tree’s losing their leaves.

Swanning off into the distance!


Close-up of a Cattail. Typical pond furniture!

A collection of today’s photo’s.


Hexham, Northumberland.

So we decided to travel South-West of the County of Northumberland and into Hexham to explore the town’s offerings. Parking is quite easy and if you pop into the Queens Hall for a parking card, it means you can use it for up to 2 hours which we did and we parked opposite Queens Hall on ‘Beaumont Street’.

We went for a stroll through the market which was quiet, but Hexham do tend to have farmers markets every month, the next one happening when the Hexham Spring Fair is on, which happens to be in 2 days time on the 22nd April, 2017. They also have Great British Week on too so there is plenty to check out in Hexham this upcoming weekend.

Our 2 hours spent in Hexham were spent wisely, we stumbled across a restaurant which, luckily for us, was open and served a range of things from Coffee to Scones. We would like to say both were brilliant and the service was friendly too. Below are a few pictures of the Restaurant.

Due to time constraints and trying our best to see at least a couple more things before we got a parking ticket, we tip toed silently into Hexham Abbey. The Abbey itself has gone through some restoration work which they have done a fantastic job of doing. It would be a great place for families to come with children as there was loads of interactive things for Children as well as Adults. The arch was one of many things you can build, and although it might be made for Children to put into practice we gave it a good go ourselves.

The beauty of the Abbey itself lay in its magnificent architecture, history and religious stain-glassed windows. You really need to go to appreciate how beautiful it is inside but hopefully some of my pictures might do it some justice!

Hexham is steeped in History, and it was also interesting to find new information about a  place I’ve not been to very often but always appreciate when I’m there.  Although the 2 hours wasn’t enough to explore the place properly, we will back in the future to review a couple restaurants in the area as they’ve been given good reviews on trip advisor.  Hexham is also surrounded by beautiful Countryside, and there are a few walks which we’ll also be doing and writing about in the near future.

So for anyone who hasn’t been to Hexham or you have but haven’t visited in a while, make sure you go this upcoming weekend as it promises to deliver on so many levels.

Hesleyside Huts – Northumberland.

Hesleyside Huts, Northumberland, England. The perfect surprise to celebrating what was an ageing milestone in my life. Turning 30 can, for a lot of people signal the beginning of the end of your youth but for me it signals the age of maturity and experiencing the finer things which life and nature has to offer, and more importantly, what Northumberland has to offer.

The breathtaking views from Hesleyside were amazing, as was the hut itself in which we stopped in. We had the pleasure of stopping in the Bracken hut which came with it’s own complimentary campfire to the right of it, perfect for toasting marshmallows on and looking up at the stars. The task of collecting additional firewood was equally as exciting as finding out the hut was well equipped with its own log burner, shower and double bed. Additional wood can also be bought for £5 which can be found near the fence next to the other hut.

If you go well equipped with food like we did, you can expect to cook your food on the stove by using the log burner which is a real experience. It takes you back in time to when our ancestors would have to cook this way and the stove can take some time to heat up, so be careful how you load and maintain the log burner.


The location itself was perfect, as it meant we were in close proximity to Bellingham  (Roughly 2 miles) but still cast off from it where you felt isolated and very in touch with nature. Hearing the sounds of Owls during the night felt alien but it is a reminder of how great and wild Northumberland can be when you’re left alone with Nature.

There are many walks which you can do by using Hesleyside as a starting point, but one which we did manage was the walk from Bellingham to Hareshaw Linn Waterfall. We took our bikes thinking it would be a cycle route but after bumping into a few residents we were informed it wasn’t suitable. We chained up the bikes and left for the Waterfall. The walk itself was a pleasant stroll along Hareshaw Linn River in which we encountered many well crafted bridges, steep inclines as well as pleasant descents.

Overall, staying at Hesleyside was the perfect getaway, tucked away in the wilderness of rural Northumberland, sitting on the fringes of Kielder Forest. I would definitely recommend these huts to anyone who doesn’t mind feeling like a nomad and has a sense of adventure. Please be reminded that these huts are popular and it’s advised to book them well in advance if you’re planning on surprising someone for a special occasion.

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