Harlow Hill and the magical sunset, Northumberland, England.

We embarked on a drive out to the Countryside and unexpectedly captured such a beautiful sunset. As we drove past Stamfordham, the skies were beginning to clear, clouds were moving swiftly, and the colours intertwined with one another to form an unforgettable sunset. This time of year I’ve noticed the light can be special, it’s almost summer’s way of saying farewell.

We stopped near the lakes at a lay-by, and got in through a side gate which took us from Whittle Dene to Harlow Hill, it’s a public footpath so there was no trespassing, and we didn’t walk through wheat fields like our current Prime Minister once did. We just kept it simple and followed the path up to Harlow Hill, as the sun was setting, the colours became more prominent and dazzling. You know when you take your camera and by luck everything falls into place, well, this was one of those evenings!

I did have my camera on the P function which exaggerated some of the colours, but it still captures how beautiful the sunset really was.  The path which took us up to Harlow Hill was clearly marked and you can either go one or two ways, one which goes East to Harlow Hill or you could go West which would take you to East Wallhouses along Hadrian’s wall.  The place itself is easy to find, tap ‘Military Road, Northumberland’ in if you need to locate it any easier, however be wary, signal strength may not be the best.


The silhouetted tree’s and the sun still radiating it’s last shine before it gifts another part of the World.

There is also a Nature Reserve here, and they’ve also provided a hut for enthusiasts to enjoy, the hut also allows wannabe photographers such as myself to gain a much favoured vantage point over the lake itself.


The colours of the sky because of the P function exaggerated the sunset but it’s still beautiful.


This is a fine example of what it really looked like.


Another of the Nature Reserve hut and the colours reflecting off from the lake.


I love this close up shot.


It’s harvest time. Tractors this time of year in Northumberland are out in full force.

This was the result of a last minute ‘fancy a drive?’ and the experience from what this drive has given us has been rich in colour, steeped in history and a walk which we weren’t aware of, especially one which we thought didn’t exist. So again, drives out into the Countryside can give us all the learning experience we require to share with others.

The walk itself was in fact short by any standard, but given this is Hadrian’s Wall, the walk can go on for as long as you want it to.


An evening stroll on a blissfully cold, beautiful and deserted beach… Warkworth, Northumberland.

I recognise the irony of advertising such a lovely beach as “deserted” may serve to advertise and possibly increase its number of visitors, but I think this beach is safe for the time being. There won’t be many tourists looking to brave the cold evening, sand whipped air carelessly hitting you in the face. These are some of the things we have to face whilst enjoying a stroll on a North-East of England beach, but I wouldn’t exchange the sand in my face, the cold piercing my skin and numbing my hands for any other beach because on a clear day the colours are simply amazing.

With living near these beautiful beaches, I want to be able to showcase my area for what it’s worth, and because I’m proud of this area, it’s stunning natural beauty never ceases to blow me away. This beach also possesses the power to alleviate any stresses or anxiety you may have and to appreciate the World in which we live in, when we’re away from our computers and televisions, we realise, the beauty comes from outdoors, being out there!! I’m still getting to grips with my camera too but I love taking pictures of landscapes with the intention of hopefully painting & drawing a few too.  The pictures below show that, when you think no one is looking the inner child will always take over.

Usually, with my blogs I try to link in local businesses but this stroll simply required no businesses, just petrol money, the know how local expertise and ourselves. We were virtually the only people on the beach and although it is cold and we prefer being indoors when it is, why not try being outdoors and experiencing this beautiful Northumberland coastline.  It is easy to see why our coast has an AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) and hopefully it maintains this recognition.

South of Warkworth is Amble which you can see on the top picture above. Amble featured in previous posts, so for more on Amble please visit earlier posts.